Welcome to the Ultimate Blog Party 2014 at KayeSwain.com

Hello! And WELCOME to my Ultimate Blog Party 2014 – #UBP14 – post . I’m having a Progressive Blog Party WITHIN a Progressive Blog Party as I have FOUR primary sites to share with y’all.  Would you believe, this is my 5th year joining in the fun. Let me give you a guided tour.

This is KayeSwain.com and it’s the hub of my family of websites. I have a regular weekly column sharing sights, sounds, and tastes on my weekly real estate homes tour – sometimes recipes too. 🙂 I love to join in weekly blog linky parties like the Grand Social for grandparents, Pink Saturday and Anything Blue Friday as well as the annual #UBP. They are also grand ways to meet other bloggers and share creative new and vintage ideas for home and garden decor. So when I find interesting and intriguing homes – or homes with lovely pinks and blues, I have fun showing them off here as well.

I started joining the Ultimate Blog Party with my original blog, SandwichINK for the Sandwich Generation, back when this is the picture you would have seen. It represented me reading to my grandkids, something I still love to do, along with playing games, taking walks and more. I also take care of my senior mom, with even more delightful walks, and watch over a couple of long distance senior relatives I am near and dear to. That puts me squarely in the Sandwich Generation, along with many other boomers and seniors.

SandwichINK Grandma Loves Her GrandkidsA year or two later, I added my second blog, SandwichINK Real Estate Info. At the time, I did my own real estate investing, as well as helping my senior parents with their real estate and loved sharing tips and tricks I learned along the way, plus info I had learned while earning my AA in real estate.

Since then, I’ve also added the designations Real Estate Broker and REALTOR®  and am thoroughly enjoying helping fellow baby boomers and senior citizens with their aging in place and other real estate needs here in my neck of the woods.

When a loved one put their lovely 100-year-old historic old Victorian Farmhouse up for sale, I created the site – Old Historic Homes – to help them sell it. I then decided to keep that site and use it to help other clients buy and sell their own old homes for sale. There you’ll find articles about the many intriguing and lovely old buildings, homes, and businesses in my neck of the woods and throughout the country, including favorite spots of mine like Kentucky, California, Hawaii, Virginia and more – both in the posts and in the Twitter posts in the right column there, and here.

Facebook, G+, Pinterest, Houzz, HometalkInstagram, and WAY more. WHEW!

The nice thing about all those Social Media sites is that they are fun for me, full of great information for my readers, and a wonderful resource for my clients as we can advertise their homes on many of them as well as all the other great places I have to share the news of their home for sale through my Keller Williams Realty Tacoma office. All of these mean more exposure which hopefully leads to faster sales! With most people starting to look for homes online before any place else, a tech-savvy REALTOR® is absolutely vital. And having started on computers decades ago and loving the internet BIG TIME, I am definitely a geeky grandma and a Tech Savvy agent! (Yes, that’s a not-so-humble brag and a shameless plug – and YES, I’d love to help you OR your parents or grandparents here in my neck of the woods or elsewhere with referrals to other REALTORS® who also specialize in senior real estate – do pass the news 🙂 🙂 🙂 ).

But getting back to our progressive party within a progressive Ultimate Blog Party, I have goodies at all of my sites. Since many of my grandkids LOVE coloring pages, I thought I’d share some favorite house and home coloring pages for your kids and grandkids. Enjoy! 🙂


A dog home coloring page - my granddogs all say WOOF


A bird house coloring page - my senior mom loves the birds in our neck of the woods



A simpler house for sale coloring page for younger kids



And for the older grandkids:A-gorgeous-home-for-kids-grandkids-to-color

 Thank you for visiting KayeSwain.com along with Old Historic Homes, SandwichINK, and SandwichINK Real Estate. And enjoy the rest of the Ultimate Blog Party 2014.

P.S. If you are looking for homes to buy or want to check out the value of your current home, click here for free and easy tools to help you with that. 🙂


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    Stopping by from the #UBP14! You are one busy lady! It’s great to meet you – I love anything to do with houses and home decor, so I’ll be checking out your other sites as well. Have a great week!