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Hi and welcome to Kaye Swain – my real estate blog with news and resources for boomers and seniors’ real estate needs.

As a member of the Sandwich Generation (caring for aging parents and babysitting grandkids) I’ve been writing about caregiving and grandparenting ideas, tips and encouragement for over 5 years at SandwichINK and for over 4 years at SandwichINK Real Estate Info.

I also have a blog about old and vintage homes and one specific to my local area of Roseville, California.

In addition to blogging, I exchange useful resources on social media. I’d love to have you follow me. Among other places, you can find me at:









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Kaye – Kaye@KayeSwain.com


P.S. If you would like help with your real estate needs, give me a call at 657-229-5293, email me at Kaye@KayeSwain.com or CLICK HERE to check out my handy dandy real estate mobile app – FREE :)

P.P.S. If you don’t live in this area, but need a real estate agent who understands aging in place and Universal Design needs, give me a call and I’ll work hard to help you find a grand one. 657-229-KAYE