Real Estate Surprises Abound in Steilacoom Washington When You Walk Outside the Box

I love to catch glimpses of the Puget Sound on my walks-but nothing as gorgeous as the one from the house on Stevens in Steilacoom WA boost 200.jpgDo you love looking at water views – whether it’s the glistening ocean, a huge river, a lovely lake, a babbling brook or the gorgeous Puget Sound from a variety of sites including Steilacoom Washington? Any of those send me into a peaceful sense of tranquility. So you can imagine how delighted I was to discover our home this year is about 1/2 mile from where I can enjoy a far distant view of the Puget Sound. Even though it’s quite a ways away, it’s still a joy to behold every time I walk by.

Yesterday, I went to preview a home for sale in the lovely and historic town of Steilacoom. It’s a cute house with 4 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms.

1208 Stevens Street Steilacoom Washington 98388 Front Yard

After I left the home, I drove a short distance away and in the process made two fun discoveries. The first was a nature preserve with walking trails (more on that in the next post).

The second? I found that within 1/2 mile of this home, the owner also has a gorgeous view of the Puget Sound. Not only that, it’s a WAY better view than my neck of the woods!

What a gorgeous view just half mile from a delightful home for sale in Steilacoom Washington-Pierce County

AND an added bonus, it’s only one mile to the main part of historic Steilacoom where you’ll find the post office, Bair Bistro with its delicious sandwiches and sodas, the city hall, the museum, a bank, the ferry to Anderson and Ketron Islands, several other businesses, and a delightful spot to “sit a spell, and enjoy the vista of blue – the Puget Sound up close and personal,

Steilacoom by the Puget Sound with lovely places to sit and enjoy the view in bliss 500

along with watching the ferry go to and fro.

The ferry leaves Steilacoom Washington to go to Anderson Island and Ketron Island in Washington-Pierce-County-WA 500

Isn’t it gorgeous? I must say, I do love the real estate business. It’s full of wonderful clients, interesting homes, intriguing home decor, and delightfully unexpected treats around any and all corners!

P.S. If you are house-hunting in Pierce County, Washington and would be interested in seeing this single story home home in Steilacoom, walking distance to the Puget Sound, and wonderfully located right between DuPont and Lakewood, minutes from JBLM (Joint Base Lewis McChord), and only a short commute to Tacoma or Seattle, do give me a call at 657-229-5293 or email me at to set up an appointment to see it posthaste. I suspect it won’t be on the market for very long! :)

Kaye Swain REALTOR loves to visit the Dedicated House for Anything Blue Friday


Welcome to KayeSwain.Com and Our Pierce County Washington Mad Tea Party

Hello and welcome to the Mad Tea Party 2014 here at A Mad Tea Party is a bit outside my normal range of blog posts as I generally write about the real estate market and houses for sale in my neck of the woods of Pierce County Washington. However, being a grandmother who has enjoyed many a tea party over the years, I couldn’t resist jumping in with a floral, fauna, and critter tea party especially appropriate for Pierce County, Washington.

This gorgeous camellia from Pierce County Washington is here to welcome you to the Mad Tea Party 2014

First, let’s take a gentle stroll down a lovely and lush forest to see what we can see

Feeling like Alice I left Gayle Avenue S in Pierce County Washington and entered a country forest wonderland

Oooooh, of course, one of my favorite secret gardens and a lovely garden spot to have a tea party in – complete with a vine covered patio roof to protect us in case any of the Seattle area’s “liquid sunshine” should drip a drop or two on us.

A sweet secret garden awaits those who find it at 9024 Gayle Avenue S in Lakewood Washington - in Sylvan Park neighborhood by Wades Lake Park 500

Come have a seat on my comfy garden bench – don’t you love the storage box underneath. It helps me stay a wee bit organized and is so peaceful and restful in my secret garden.

Garden furniture and storage is great for staying organized at home

Today, I thought we’d enjoy a spot of tea…

I love this fairy garden teapot-perfect for a garden tea near the Puget Sound in Pierce County Washington - near Sylvan Park and Wards Lake Park

And some delectably delicious cupcakes – isn’t this a great cupcake holder for a garden party – as much a fun home decor item as a practical kitchen tool.

A delightful cupcake holder for a garden tea party at Kaye Swain REALTOR website

Allow me to decorate with a few more flowers as well as some cheery music.

The flowers of Pierce County Washington are gorgeous and the interest rates along with the real estate market are pretty sweet right now too.jpg

We love the multi colored Rhododendrons of Pierce County Washington 300

Some of the many lovely flowers I have enjoyed in Pierce County Washington

Of course, YOU are invited and most wonderfully welcomed here. And I’m sure my grandchildren will stop by at various and sundry moments. In addition, I have a few other fun little guests – cute critter friends I’ve met here in Pierce County Washington.

This duck is visiting the Mad Tea Party 2014 at Kaye Swain REALTOR site from Puget Sound Washington

Love these geese from the Puget Sound in Pierce County Washington visiting at my REALTOR site

This cute little critter-a photo friendly raccoon-came to say hi at my REALTOR site

This cute deer came to visit Kaye Swain REALTOR for the Mad Tea Party 2014

Oh my, what a scrumptious tea this has been. And you, my dear guest, have been the best part of all. And just to say thank you, let me escort you home by way of my most favorite thing in Pierce County – the delightful and lovely Puget Sound as seen from the historic town of Steilacoom, Washington.

The Puget Sound seen from Steilacoom Washington in Pierce County WA .jpg

Another gorgeous shot of the Puget SOund from Pierce County WA in the city of Steilacoom Washington

Yet Another lovely view of the Puget Sound from Steilacoom WA in the heart of Pierce County Washington.jpg

Have a lovely day – and thank you again for visiting me here at for the Mad Tea Party 2014. It was truly a delectable occasion. :) Here’s a tasty, albeit virtual, cupcake to send you on your way to visit more tea parties.

A yummy cupcake to say thank you for coming to my REALTOR

Join Kaye Swain REALTOR at the fun and annual Mad Tea Party At A Fanciful Twist

Kaye Swain REALTOR loves to visit the Dedicated House for Anything Blue Friday

Pink Saturday is a fun visit to lovely pink things including cute houses for real estate agents to enjoy

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Add Imagination and Caution to Cosmetic Fixer Uppers And You Can Be Pleasantly Pleased

Fixer uppers can be a big help for first time homebuyersDo you have a good imagination? I do. Which comes in handy when shopping for homes and having specific needs in mind. For example, many years ago we were first-time homebuyers with a big desire to buy and a teeny tine savings account to use.

We were terrible savers then. We got better but, of course, like can still get in the way, causing savings to ebb and flow. That’s especially true for many of us dealing with the Sandwich Generation issues, isn’t it?

But, thanks to our good imaginations, we were able to look at an old 1940s fixer upper home and see beyond the ugly, unfinished paint job, the awful carpeting, the terrible looking and rather bedraggled front and back yard and see the good points:

If fixer uppers have dead grass plenty of watering may be able to bring it back.jpg

  • The lovely neighborhood – experts recommend that you find the worst house in a great neighborhood for a good deal and that was definitely our situation
  • Cosmetic fixes only – there was nothing structural wrong with the home and we could easily move in, then make fixes as the years rolled by
  • Plenty of room for our baby – and, as it turned out, enough room to add on when said baby multiplied

Because of that, we bought the home for a bit under market value at a time when home prices had doubled and were mostly out of our reach!

I’m not going to tell you we turned it into the most gorgeous place around. That’s a gift other bloggers have and we didn’t. But we did get the carpeting replaced, added forced air conditioning to replace the swamp coolers that cooled us for a few years, painted periodically, improved the landscaping, and loved our neighbors and neighborhood for over a decade. It was a true blessing.

What looks like a lovely meadow of wildflowers is a fixxer uppers lawn that needs trimming

 Years later, I wanted a home that offered some needed multigenerational positives and again, I discovered a fixer upper.We negotiated a good deal for seller and buyer, painted and re-carpeted it with colors I liked and again, it was a blessing for us for many years.

Fixer Uppers are not for everyone. If you just want to be able to move in and do nothing, you definitely want to avoid them. And if they have major structural damages or needs, I’d personally leave that to an experienced contractor or “flipper.”

Some fixer uppers may have some clean up required

Both of my houses were just cosmetic fixer uppers. They were fine to move in to as is, but definitely needed some paint, lawn work, and, eventually, new carpeting. They had a few tiles chipped here or there that I could easily ignore, etc. There were a couple of messy piles we had to clean up. Those were all things we could fix if and when we had the time or money but could wait if necessary.

I also made sure I got an inspection with the second home. I was too “green” to know about those with the first house and didn’t have a REALTOR® watching out for me then. It turned out OK but it could easily have been a disastrous moneypit. I have since learned my lesson and now always get – and always recommend – a good home inspection!

I always recommend that a home inspection be done on any home new or old

I also learned to get a home warranty (I love Old Republic) which I renew annually – even on my rental. I’ve always been glad to have them and never regretted them. They aren’t perfect but they really help my budget.

Cosmetic fixer uppers can be a great option for first time homebuyers – especially with so many great financial programs available. They can be handy for those of us dealing with special circumstances like multigenerational needs where we might need more room but have less cash available. And in that case, many hands can often turn sweat equity into future savings for boomers and seniors. And in both of my fixer upper cases, we got the added pleasure of mature landscaping that, once whipped into better shape, provided years of shade, smiles, and sweet bouquets. A delightful joy all around.

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Pink Saturday is a fun visit to lovely pink things including cute houses for real estate agents to enjoy

Kaye Swain REALTOR loves to visit the Dedicated House for Anything Blue Friday

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Pierce County Washington Real Estate Interest Rate News – June 2014

The flowers of Pierce County Washington are gorgeous and the interest rates along with the real estate market are pretty sweet right now too.jpgThe spring flowers continue to amaze and delight residents and visitors alike. Isn’t this peony GORGEOUS! For that matter, the real estate market is also doing nicely and the interest rate news continues to be great as well with wonderful rates, including here in Pierce County Washington. Having lived through the 9% and HIGHER era, these 4% interest rates are AWESOME! And I’ve heard that some people have even managed to get approved for a 3.xx% loan recently! WOW!

I popped over to which is a highly reputable site I’ve used for decades, and which has been recommended to me by lenders as well. They had a cute gizmo that lets me add this to my blog:

Mortgage rates 30-year fixed 15-year fixed 5/1 ARM 30-year jumbo
6/4/2014 4.32 3.41 3.31 4.35
5/28/2014 4.25 3.35 3.24 4.29
5/21/2014 4.29 3.38 3.21 4.31
5/14/2014 4.33 3.42 3.31 4.35
5/7/2014 4.37 3.45 3.34 4.39
4/30/2014 4.44 3.51 3.35 4.45
4/23/2014 4.48 3.54 3.34 4.47
4/16/2014 4.43 3.48 3.32 4.43
4/9/2014 4.47 3.52 3.34 4.48
4/2/2014 4.54 3.58 3.34 4.54

As you can see above, the 30 year fixed rates were at 4.54 on April 2, then dropped way down to 4.25% on 5/28 but now are climbing again.

If you are thinking of buying or selling a home, make sure you keep a close eye on the interest rates. For sellers, it is amazing how much of a difference even one-half of a percent can make on your house payment. And for buyers, you will have more interested sellers looking at your home with interest rates down low.

For all of us in Pierce County and the surrounding areas of this lovely state of Washington, the real estate news is definitely good but it’s still vital to keep a close eye on the “real estate weather” and I’m here to help with that. So do keep checking back for more information about the real estate market in our “neck of the woods.”

Kaye Swain REALTOR loves Pink Saturday at How Sweet the Sound

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Washington State Real Estate Market Updates May 2014 for the Northwest MLS Area

Good news! Each month, our Northwest Multiple Listing Service provides us with Real Estate Market Updates for our area of the State of Washington, which includes Pierce County, as well as the Seattle area and other sections of this beautiful state. It’s good to have an idea of how the whole state is doing, so I thought I’d share them with you. Here are the May 2014 figures with good news:

Kaye Swain REALTOR presents Active Listings vs Sold Listings in May 2014 in the Northwest MLS area of the state of Washington

As you can see in the graph above of Active Listings vs. Sold Listings, we have more homes for sale this May than last, and there are a few more homes sold than last year, as well.

Kaye Swain REALTOR presents Median Sale Prices in May 2014 in the Northwest MLS area of the state of Washington

Looking at the chart of Median Sale Price above, homeowners will be thrilled to notice that the median sales price has risen quite a bit, while buyers may be thinking, “I’d best take advantage of the low interest rates before sales prices go higher.”

Kaye Swain REALTOR presents Pending Listings in May 2014 in the Northwest MLS area of the state of Washington

The Number of Pending Listings shown above, does, indeed, show a few more sales this May than last. Good news for home sellers!

All in all, the market news seems to be positive all around, and at our last meeting, we learned that interest rates are also being very kind to buyers by staying low, and in some cases, even going lower. One agent was even able to see their buyer get a loan for under 4%. Very good news, indeed!

As a REALTOR Kaye Swain promises to stay busy as a bee to help you with your real estate needs

P.S. I’d love to help you with all of your real estate needs. If you are thinking of buying or selling, do give me a call at 657-229-5293 or email me at . Also, if you know a friend or relative who’s ready to buy or sell a home, please pass my contact information on to them. And if you’d prefer to start searching yourself online, just click here to search easily. If you are a homeowner and would like to find out the value of your home at no cost, just click here. And thank you very much. :)


Wards Lake Park in Lakewood Washington Will Make You Want to Walk Your Stress Away

Little did I know when visiting a home for sale on Gayle Ave S in Lakewood WA that a feast for my senses was just down the road at 88 .jpgLakewood Washington is such an intriguing town with little pockets of neighborhoods nestling all around. Lakewood’s Clover Park school district is home to three high schools, four middle schools, and 17 elementary schools. It is definitely not a small town. But as a suburb to the much larger city of Tacoma Washington, it definitely enjoys a lot of the advantages of a smaller city such as less traffic, yet you also find plenty of shopping needs close by wherever you may live. Lakewood Washington is also home to some grand parks like Steilacoom Park, which I wrote about here and here.

Yesterday, while previewing a brand-new-on-the-market single story home in the Sylvan Park 7th neighborhood subdivision, I made a most delightful discovery. I turned left from the cute “Fab Fifties era” home I had just visited, drove past several houses to where the street ended and came to a stop. I noticed I was facing a gorgeous jungle of tall green trees (we do live up to our nickname of the Evergreen State of Washington!). I was about to turn left, when I spotted what looked like a “secret entrance” and a sign.

The Lakewood Washington sign that proclaimed Wards Lake Park called my name - Kaye Swain REALTOR.jpg

 Curious, I parked my car, walked back, and found

When i was visiting  9024 Gayle Ave S in Lakewood WA 98499 I spotted a veritable oasis of country delights

Walking through the barely visible trail entrance, and feeling a bit like Alice in Wonderland walking into a mystical magical Wonderland, I was delighted to see a cool trail, awesome trees, and just the kind of place my grandkids would LOVE!

Feeling like Alice I left Gayle Avenue S in Pierce County Washington and entered a country forest wonderland

Yes! Nestled in one of Lakewood’s lovely and quiet neighborhood pockets, I had just discovered a new-to-me park – Wards Lake Park.

Wards Lake Park has three entrances off 88th including one right down from 9024 Gayle Avenue S in Lakewood Washington 98499.jpg

It’s a 22-acre area that includes a lake, a fishing pier, playground, picnic shelter, awesome trail system that makes you feel like you are way out in the country and a seasonal restroom. (IMPORTANT NOTE for parents, grandparents, etc. – notice it says SEASONAL restroom. I’ve never heard of that before so I’ll make sure to take that into account if I take my grandkids to this park when it’s off-season. :)

The area I visited was gorgeous and full of trees my grandkids will love! I only went in a few feet as I was headed to another appointment. But when I got back to my computer, I checked further and found a fun video that shows more of this cool park.

I will definitely be back to visit this lovely park. I suspect it will be full of magical moments and exciting discoveries - a veritable country oasis in the middle of Lakewood Washington, and a lovely place to walk away any stress from the day. How about you and your “neck of the woods?” Have you discovered any special parks that you absolutely love? We’d enjoy hearing about them!




Fun for grandparents whether at home or out and about at the Grand Social

Kaye Swain REALTOR loves to visit the Dedicated House for Anything Blue Friday

P.S. Here’s the street sign to show where I entered. And if you’re interested in living near to this awesome park, just click here!


The side entrance to Wards Lake Park in Lakewood WA is off Gayle Avenue S and 88 Street S - a Pierce County treasure



Rekeying Can Be A Great Option for Your New Home

Call Kaye Swain REALTOR to buy or sell your house Keys! Such small little things. But they can sure make for big headaches sometimes, can’t they? I can’t tell you how often I’ve lost my keys in the past. I’ve learned to make plenty of spare copies of keys. And check my pants pockets and purse constantly throughout the day to be sure my keys are where they belong. And to make SURE I have those keys BEFORE I lock my car door. Oh yes, through the years, my house keys AND my car keys have made my life a bit more dramatic than I might prefer.

When we move in or out of a new home, they can get even more dramatic. I’m a firm believer in having the locks changed when I move into a new home. And I make sure the locks are changed on my rental property when a new tenant moves in. After all, we never know WHO might have a copy of the key to our home. When our kids are teens, many of us discover that they may give a copy of the house key or car key to a good friend with a need. They will often ask our permission, but once the friend has a key, what if they forget to return it? Or lose it and someone else got it? And those are situations where everyone has the best of intentions. Sadly, that’s not always the case. Best solution? CHANGE THE LOCKS!

Sometimes we have to take another person’s word for it. Landlords may not allow you to change the locks yourself. But when you buy a new house, you can do what you want. And then you find out how expensive it can be to change all those locks out. Fortunately, there can be a less expensive option.

At a recent meeting in our Keller Williams Tacoma office, we enjoyed a presentation from a company called “Mr. Rekey.” It was great. The presenter explained how they could rekey up to six keyholes (door knobs and deadbolts only) and make four copies of the new key for under $100. She could also rekey the mailbox lock at the same time for only $30 more! They save you time by coming to your home AND they charge a reasonable fee. Sounds awesome to me!

Of course, if you have to have all new deadbolts installed, that would cost a whole lot more. (I know this because I’ve had to do it more than once!) But for most homes, a simple rekey may be enough. What a big help to the proud new owner of a home!

And regardless of whether you use Mr. Rekey or another company, if you rekey OR change the locks, be sure to do your due diligence. Check with the local Better Business Bureau, Angie’s List, Yelp, friends, neighbors, and/or your local REALTOR to make sure you get a reputable company with little or no complaints or problems. I have even called the police department to ask questions, although they are usually pretty cautious about making recommendations. It’s always better to spend a couple of hours in research to hopefully avoid days, weeks, and months of regret no matter what kind of household job you are hiring for. :)

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Spring Flowers of Pierce County Washington

I have to admit, the title to this post may be over-reaching just a bit. I spend most of my time in the Western part of Pierce County Washington. There may be many flowers I’ve never seen on the Eastern side. For that matter, I may easily have missed several in my “neck of the woods.” But what I have enjoyed has led to a sweet spring of blissful proportions. I constantly say, “Wait a minute” to my senior mom or my cute grandkids, so I can snap yet another photo. The small amount of photos I’ll share in this post is just a tiny percentage of the hundreds (literally) of photos I keep taking and enjoying. Many end up at Instagram, some on Google Plus (otherwise known as G+) or Facebook, others at Pinterest, and many are slated to go to my elderly mom’s iPad for her to enjoy. I definitely appreciate the handiness of a camera in my iPhone AND I love that I can share these beauties with you. Like more Rhododendrons,

Love the multi colored Rhododendrons of Pierce County Washington


and here’s one for my sweet little niece who loves her cute little Buttercups

My sweet niece loves her buttercups

Iris are flowers my whole family love including my grandkids, one of whom seems to be following in my footsteps of flower photos. They are also, often, found around old vintage homes - heirloom flowers that were planted decades earlier that continue to gift the new owners annually.

Purple and white iris put a smile on my face in Lakewood Washington - in Pierce County WA

Check out these pretty pink posies.

I love these pretty pink posies in Pierce County Washington


I even spied some sweet roses to remind me of loved ones elsewhere.

Another rose to remind me of Roseville California in Placer County


As I wrote at the beginning, these are just SOME of my favorite flowers here in Pierce County, Washington. What are YOUR favorite flowers in YOUR neck of the woods? We’d love to hear! And if you’d like to see more of my fave flowers, just click here.


Fun for grandparents whether at home or out and about at the Grand Social


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P.S. If you’re ready to buy a house in Pierce County and work on your own flower garden – or enjoy heirloom treasures left by past owners, give me a call at 657-229-5293 or email me at or click here to search for homes in Pierce County, WA. :) (And Yes, I can do referrals also – and help you find another REALTOR who specializes in vintage homes. :) )


Talking Shopping In Pierce County and Beyond

Kaye Swain REALTOR in Pierce County Washington loves the shopping options at Lakewood Towne Center in Lakewood WA.jpgI have to confess, mine is a family of shoppers. We come by it pretty honestly, as my mom used to work in retail clothes stores. She taught us to watch the sales, shop smart, and have fun while being frugal. Which comes in quite handy for those of us with big families. :) Our favorite shopping centers over the past 15 years or so include The Peninsula Town Center in Hampton, Virginia; the Westfield Galleria at Roseville Mall in Roseville, California, and the Lakewood Towne Center in Lakewood Washington.

Each of them share several points in common:

  1. They were nearby for us
  2. They have a great selection of stores
  3. They had yummy places to eat

The interesting thing I’ve noticed over the years – especially with traveling – is that malls and big shopping centers are no longer always the traditional “under one roof” style. Westfield Galleria at Roseville Mall is under one roof – and I have to admit, I prefer those. Especially on rainy days! But The Peninsula Town Center and Lakewood Towne Center are both the outdoor style where you have a ton of interesting stores all in the same area but you may have to drive from one end to the other if they are at opposite corners. Fortunately, they both have such great choices, it’s well worth it.

Some of my favorite places here in Lakewood include Target, Panera (yummy!), Barnes and Noble, Old Navy, and another yummy fave – Panda Express. My grandkids love the Dollar Store – and I do too, as I can easily pick up balloons for my open houses. And my senior mom is thrilled with Ross and Marshall’s. :)

Located right in the middle of Lakewood, at 5731 Main St SW, Tacoma, WA 98499, the Lakewood Towne Center is somewhat different from my other faves – it even has the Lakewood City Hall located there at 6000 Main Street SW, Lakewood, WA. How handy is that! Plus they have a movie theater and a Safeway. It really is a good example of one-stop shopping. (You can click here to see the entire list of stores and restaurants.) The map below is hard to read, but if you click on it, it will take you to a large and easier to read version. :)

This map is of Lakewood Towne Center in the heart of Lakewood Washington in Pierce County WA .jpg


See the little box in the top right corner? I remember that the first couple of times I tried to find it, I did have a bit of a tough time coming from Bridgeport in either direction. My GPS would take me to Lakewood Drive/Lakewood Towne Center and Bridgeport but, because you don’t really see the shopping center til you actually turn onto 100th and drive about half a block down, it’s easy to miss. I learned to watch for the big tower at the main entrance off Bridgeport at Lakewood Drive/Lakewood Towne Center and turn there. (where that box is – approximately) – see the picture below. Of course, from Gravelly Lake Drive SW (on the far left of the map), the Lakewood Towne Center is much easier to spot and I usually am headed for Panda Express and yummy Chinese food!  :)

This sign at Bridgeport and Lakewood Blvd-Lakewood Towne Center is what Kaye Swain REALTOR looks for when driving to the Lakewood Towne Center in Washington via Bridgeport


From June 3, 2014 – September 16, 2014, you will also be able to enjoy shopping at the Farmer’s Market held there every Tuesday from 10 a.m. – 3 p.m. Those are always full of fun and healthy goodies!

Lakewood Washington Farmers Market flyer 2014


For fellow shopping lovers, there are several other grand malls and shopping centers not much further away. Hmm, I guess I’ll expand on those in a follow-up article. :) There is plenty of shopping going on in Pierce County, Washington, that’s for sure. What’s your favorite shopping center, mall or store? How about your fave restaurant? Whether in Pierce County or beyond, we’d love to hear.


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Keller Williams REDday 2014 – REALTORS Caring For Others From Sea to Shining Sea AND Beyond

I do love this mobile app for sharing about REDday 2014WOOHOO – one of the big reasons I picked Keller Williams Realty Tacoma Washington was because of their positive and giving philosophy. That will be demonstrated wonderfully this week for Keller Williams REDday 2014 as we close our office and join together at Family Growth Center in Tacoma to help in their mission and ministry of helping at-risk and homeless teenagers in Pierce County. As a grandmother of many, including precious adoptees and foster children, that’s definitely a subject near and dear to my heart!

And we’re not the only ones. Keller Williams offices EVERYWHERE will be CLOSED on Thursday May 8, 2014 and the majority of agents will be involved in helping community organizations in their own areas in a wide variety of ways. Some examples I’ve shared on Twitter this week include:

  • Food Drives to help an organization or local Food Bank
  • Neighborhood Clean Up Events
  • Ginormous Fund Raisers for Charitable Organizations
  • Building Shelves for Hope for Youth
  • Landscaping chiildren’s centers
  • Cleaning roadways
  • and so much more.


REDday header - Kaye Swain REALTOR is joining Keller WIlliams for REDday 2014


From the West Coast offices of Washington, California, and Oregon to the East Coast offices from up in Maine to down to Florida AND overseas, including Africa and Turkey, REDday 2014 will be a special day to make positive changes in the communities each of us REALTORS lives in. What a grand way to help, don’t you think?

I love this idea from Keller Williams in Cleveland to help with 115 veterans’ homes!

Many of the companies we work with, such as Old Republic Home Protection, will be joining in to help us – here’s an example from the Keller Williams office in Elk Grove California.

  And even some of our family members may join in to help, including this adorable cutie pie

I’m currently working on fun plans to drape some of my granddogs and grandkids in RED to help me share all this grand news for all ages from very young to elderly seniors.

In case you are wondering if the RED in REDday means anything – it does!

Kaye Swain REALTOR is joining with Keller WIlliams for REDday 2014

P.S. And not to worry! If you are in the midst of an escrow and something vital comes up or you are scheduled to close, that would definitely be a top priority as well – with other agents helping for REDday in lieu of your agent so your agent can take good care of your real estate needs. :) Speaking of which, don’t forget that if YOU aren’t currently working with a REALTOR® and need any assistance with your real estate needs now or in the future – or know someone else who does, I’d love to help. or 657-229-5293 :)

Kaye Swain REALTOR joins with Keller Williams Realty for REDday 2014 in Tacoma Washington