Appliance Tips To Help Keep Them Running Smoothly

Taking Care of Your Appliances Can Help You When Ready to Sell Your Home

Appliances are a vital part of our home, aren’t they? And keeping them running smoothly makes for a happier family and a happier budget. Not to mention the fact that when it comes time to sell your home, it can be a great selling point to have appliances that look good and work well.

Thanks to Ghergich & Co. and eReplacementParts, I have a great infographic to share with us all to help us keep those appliances running smoothly and well.


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Wasn’t that a great infographic? Keeping our appliances well maintained and running smoothly can definitely make for a more peaceful atmosphere in our homes, help our budgets big time, and give us a good selling point when it’s time to sell our home. This is a great resource to print and save or post at Pinterest or both, don’t you think? :)


Real Estate Sales Are Blooming in Winter In Roseville CA

Balmy weather and roses in January are two reasons I love Roseville CA-Kaye Swain REALTORIt’s the middle of winter and most of the country is turning into a ginormous ice cube. No snow for half my grandkids, which has them quite bummed, but they are freezing away nonetheless.  Not so here in Roseville, California – and throughout most of our lovely state. Oh, it is a bit chilly. But as you can see in the rose pix, today’s temperature as I write this at 2:47 p.m. on January 11, is a balmy 60 degrees. And that rose picture itself? I shot that at a home I was showing to a real estate client – two days ago. I do love Roseville and its roses!

All of this to say, we are not as limited as much of the country is for buying and selling real estate during the winter. I was out showing homes for the last three days to a sweet client and we were bumping into others out looking as well. Which means, if you want to SELL your home, this could be a great time to get started. Even if you don’t put it on the market til March, you can spend the next few weeks preparing to sell your house by:

  • Weeding and decluttering
  • Cleaning
  • Painting – whether touch-ups or full-on
  • Recarpeting, reflooring, and/or cleaning the floors
  • Making sure your front yard is gorgeous for that all-important curb appeal
  • Making sure your back yard is also looking great! (Any seeding needed? Or a few plants added strategically?)
  • Check the little things like bird droppings, spider webs, doggie and kitty surprises…
  • De-Personalize! I can’t stress this enough. A client and I looked at two homes a few weeks ago that really impressed that particular client as they were selling as well as buying and in between house-hunting, she was doing all of the above. One house had so many personal items all around and it looked lovely – if we had just been friends visiting. But for a buyer, it was a bit overwhelming because there was so much cute stuff. And it was hard for her to picture her family in the home since the owner’s family photos were everywhere. The second home had obviously been listening to their smart REALTOR as it was gorgeous. It looked very much like a model home in a new construction area. No personal photos anywhere. Lovely decor but not a lot – just enough to look attractive without being too much. It was great! My client commented, “Now I really see what you mean. I can really see myself in this home, compared to the other house.”
  • Storage unit – if necessary. We rented a storage unit with a couple of our moves and never regretted it. Otherwise, you often wind up with a garage that is overloaded and all the great impressions you made with your lovely home can dissipate when they want to check out the garage and can’t get into it.
  • Refrigerator – Yup, there are people who look in closets, cubbies, and even the refrigerator. Since it’s in your best interests, make sure, as much as possible to have everything tidy or tossed – and smelling good!

You can find more great tips by clicking HERE and HERE. Also, enjoy more great resources at my Pinterest and Facebook pages. :)

Whether you are ready to sell right now or want to wait til spring has sprung, this is a great time to be getting ready. The more you do today, the less you have to do in the coming days and the better your chances of selling your home quickly for a great price.

Kaye Swain REALTOR provides a free real estate mobile app to help you search homes for sale

P.S. With all the ups and downs in the real estate market over the past few years, are you wondering how much your Roseville, CA home is worth? I can help you with that. Just CALL KAYE at 657-229-KAYE, email me at or click here to head to my MLS website, loaded with resources to help you sell your home – and buy your next one as well.






Do I Have Real Estate Options During the Holiday and Winter Season?

A home decorated for Christmas can indeed sell at Christmas in Roseville CA-call Kaye Swain REALTOR for your real estate needs 400It’s holiday time! According to all my favorite Christmas carols and hymns, a wonderful and joy-filled time with lovely and cheery home decor abounding.

Here in Roseville, California, I have my Christmas tree, two favorite snowmen, and various and sundry teddy bears – stuffed as well as cute figurines from the grandkids – decorating my bookshelf. I didn’t use all my Christmas home decor this year but it definitely looks bright and cheerful and my senior mom and granddog both gave their approval. I’ve also been to my first Christmas party of the year – a neighborhood party full of friends, fun, and yummy holiday desserts. And, ahem….have you noticed my blog is also decorated for Christmas? :)

I know the big question in many readers’ minds at this time of year is, “I need to sell my house but can I?”  OR “I need to buy a new home but can I? At Christmas?” You’ll be happy to know the answer can be YES.

There will be fewer people looking, but the ones who are out house hunting are likely to be more serious which is great for sellers. And there’s less competition for houses buyers. For the many people who tried to buy, participated in multiple offers over the summer, and were unsuccessful each time, that should come as great news!

In fact, NAR – The National Association of REALTORS – has even listed eight excellent reasons TO buy right now:

For sellers, putting your house on the market does require extra work and constant care to keep it clean all the time. (I have several great resources and checklists to help with that at my Pinterest site – just click here.) However, it does wind up being quite handy to always have a clean house for those unexpected holiday visitors.  Speaking of whom, if your house is for sale now, be sure to send several flyers with a photo and full description of the home with each of your friends and family to share with THEIR friends and family! Great marketing exposure to help.

Plus, all that lovely holiday decor (it’s wise to decorate moderately – not too much or dramatic) will be an added boost when home buyers come to look at your home. Especially if you add some lovely baking fragrances – perhaps with one of those wonderful plug-in Scentsy or other options. One other tip I shared last year, be sure to keep your house nice and warm in the winter on chilly days. Many times sellers will adjust the thermometer to save a few dollars on the utilities – especially if the house is empty, not realizing that could cost you big dollars by discouraging buyers who are too cold to go all the way through your home – or worse, causing them to think the heater doesn’t work. So I highly recommend keeping the temperature set to a comfortable 70 or 72 degrees along with keeping those lights on all day and evening to make the house sparkle cheerfully. :)

Here is a chart from our MLS (Multiple Listing Service) Metrolist for REALTORS with some interesting and encouraging real estate market statistics and trends for Roseville, California – showing number of homes for sale, sold, and pending for the last year, through October 2014. Yes, the numbers go down in fall and winter BUT they don’t stop.  And that’s especially true for our lovely area in Placer County CA with our great weather all year round.

Roseville California Real Estate Market Trends and Statistics through October 2014 via Kaye Swain REALTOR

If you do decide to buy or sell your house now, I’m definitely available to help you. Whether now or later, do CALL KAYE 1-916-844-0469  or 657-229-Kaye  or email me at and let me help you with your real estate needs.