A rich red Roseville California rose in a delicate porcelain tea party sugar pot that was painted by the grandmother of REALTOR Kaye SwainBLOGGY WOES FOR THE MAD TEA PARTY 2015

So silly, so sad, so late, so not, this post is late, tis truly late to the Mad Tea Party 2015. Well, not exactly. It arrived early, had a delightful time, welcomed many lovely visitors, but then, so sad, it had a case of indigestion (too many cups of tea and cookies perhaps from all the lovely parties? :) )

In slightly less fanciful words, my poor little blog crashed. Thanks to my wonderful blog support team at Bluehost, I’m back up and running, albeit missing ONE post – the Mad Tea Party post. Hmmmmmmm. Perhaps it’s not indigestion after all. Could it be a PLOT, by the Mad Hatter or the White Rabbit. Nahhhh, more likely, by the Bloggy version of the Bermuda Triangle. Hmmmmm again. Perhaps that is where Wonderland is lurking, do you think? All this to say, oyyyyyy. I’m not going to try to replace the post. BUT I do want to share some of the fun things from it. That seems to me the best way for all property tea party-ers to deal with party issues, don’t you think?

A tea party with the grandkids is a sweet delight for my senior mom via Kaye Swain Roseville CA social media blogger REALTORTEA PARTY JOYS IN ROSEVILLE CALIFORNIA AND BEYOND

Sooooo, my article was to share the many varied ways you can enjoy a tea party with your kids or grandkids, or perhaps for a wedding or bridal shower, or maybe a Red Hat get-together – in Roseville CA or beyond.

A tea party with grandchildren is a joy to boomers and seniors everywhere via Kaye Swain Roseville CA REALTOR  and social media

1. In your home – This is, of course, quite the logical place to start, don’t you agree? My grandkids and I have enjoyed bubble tea parties, fairy tea parties, and even holiday tea parties together – usually substituting herb tea or Martinelli’s sparkling apple cider for real tea for the younger ones. One year, we even had fun making a teeny tiny fairy garden cottage and tea party-ed away there as well.

The beauty of a crystal tea party cookie holder and a Roseville CA rose via Social Media Blogger and REALTOR Kaye Swain2. In your neighborhood – when my oldest grandchild was younger, she and her best bud next door had fun coming over together for little make-believe parties and primping fun. It was quite a delight for them and for my senior mom and myself. In case you are wondering how to do this because you have no tea party dishes, you could try my idea. I love to visit thrift stores in Roseville like Goodwill on Douglas behind Del Taco and St Vincente De Paul on Riverside or Melody Lane and Sacramento looking for kids toy tea sets as well as regular tea cups and teapots. I love mismatched sets. That way we can enjoy fine China yet not worry if one gets broken as they are easy to replace with yet another “mismatched” piece at a great price.

A pretty pink posy from Roseville CA in a cute little European tea cup for the Mad Tea Party 2015 via Kaye Swain Social Media Blogger and REALTOR

3. In your home town – Many cities have fun tea houses where you can go to have a quiet “spot of tea” with your friends. Some even go above and beyond that to include fun dress-up occasions for the younger set, which the more mature set are now enjoying as well! Here in Roseville California, we have a lovely and award-winning tea parlor, A Dash of Panache, where they “celebrate friendships with style and pizzazz!” For those who do not live in or around Roseville, I would go to Google.com, type in “tea house” or “Tea parlor” then type in AND your city, your state. Be sure to type the AND in capital, and, of course, substitute your city and state names there. I did this in several cities, big and small, across the country for areas I’m familiar with and was delighted to find new-to-me options for the next time I visit there.

Red Tricycle website is a great resource for parents and grandparents in many areas across the country

4. In your larger metropolitan area – Many of us live within 2 -3 hours driving time to a really large or “special” city. We are especially blessed here in Roseville since we are right next door to Sacramento, with oodles of cool things going on all the time AND we are less than 3 hours from San Francisco, a tourist haven of great desire. Google can definitely work here as well, but I also enjoy subscribing to family-friendly blogs and newsletters that give me a good heads up on fun things going on. Then, when I want to search for something special I just go to their site, type in my item, and voila! Red Trike is one such great resource. And sure enough, they had several great options for us if we wanted to go further afield to a fun tea party with friends or family, including this interesting article with 5 places in and around San Francisco to check out.

Travel Joys in Roseville CA and beyond by Kaye Swain REALTOR

5. On your vacation – Did you know that Walt Disney Cruises has a Princess Tea Party on the Disney cruise trip schedule. It DOES. How delightful would that be!

Or perhaps you, like me, get a tad seasick and prefer the fun of an old-fashioned train ride. Among other options include the Northern Belle and other trains in the United Kingdom. Plus, we have some fun options this side of “the pond” as well like one headed to Watsonville, called The Train To Christmas Town. I bet you could order tea and cookies and have a delightful time while admiring some gorgeous scenery. What think you?

I’ve even heard of a person or two who have enjoyed their own private tea party on an airplane. If you give that a try, I’d recommend the teeniest tiniest set you can find and unbreakable. You know how cramped those planes can be!


How about you? Do you have any fun tea set or tea party ideas to share with us – whether for here in Roseville California or in your neck of the woods? We’d love to hear.



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Kaye Swain REALTOR with Keller Williams providing real estate statistics update for Roseville CA In General June 29 2015


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Kaye Swain REALTOR with Keller Williams providing real estate statistics update for Central Roseville CA 95678 June 29 2015


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